Check in – Check out

Rooms are provided on the day of arrival from 14:00. On the day of departure, please leave the room until 11:00. On the day of departure, it is possible to extend your stay if there is no other reservation on that day.

Extension fee: up to 11:00 – free of charge, up to 14:00 hours – 3,000 Ft, up to 18:00 hours – 7,000, Ft / room. When leaving the hotel, please bring the magnetic card along with the card holder at the restaurant.

Room Key

Upon registration, the guest is required to fill in the registration form and then receive the magnetic card that serves as a room key.


Only guests can be accommodated in the hotel rooms, please receive your visits at the restaurant.

Basic Services

For our guests, the room rate includes the following: towels, use of the sunbed in the terace, parking and Wi-Fi access throughout the house. Water heater, fridged, doll’s bed, doll’s bath.


In the public areas of the hotel electronic surveillance system is installed with the aim of providing safety and security services.Please note that our hotel is not responsible for the valuables left in the room. Please put your valuables at the in-room safe, and if there is not enough space. Before check out, please close the room door. Lost properties have to be handed over at the restaurant.


Restaurant is open 09:00-20:00.

Other consumption

In the restaurant’s area, food and drinks consumed in addition to the basic service can be charged for a room account. Food and beverages that were not purchased in the restaurant can be consumed only at rooms, or terrace without damaging the facilities. The guest is responsible for the damage caused to the property.

Fire protection

In the room, it is prohibited to store flammable, explosive materials. All guests must comply with the fire safety regulations of the hotel.


Smoking is not permitted throughout the hotel! Our guests can smoke 5 meters away from the hotel’s entrance or enjoy smoking in the designated area of our restaurant terrace.

Silent hours

Please respect the rest of your guests and do not disturb the loudness. Particular attention is paid to each other’s calm after 22:00.

Property of the hotel

It is forbidden to carry furniture and textiles (such as platters, towels, etc.) from the hotel! On the day of departure, the spa is available free of charge, during this time the bathrobes and towels placed in the room can also be used free of charge if they are returned intact to our hotel reception after use.

Departing from the room

Guests are required to close the water taps when leaving the room and remove the electrical equipment.


We are unable to accommodate pets.

Error reporting

Guests are kindly requested to inform the hotel of any inconvenience in the room at the hotel reception immediately.

Damage caused

Damage caused as a result of intentional or grossly negligent misconduct will be paid by the person responsible.

Do you have questions?

More information about our services and their use will be provided at the restaurant. We hope that your time spent in our hotel will meet your expectations and will be undisturbed and full of experience.